Looking at my bank statement for the previous month, I seem to be noticing a pattern...all I can see is Zara every other transaction, I need an intervention! Never in my life have I shopped like this and I'm not sure whether it has anything to do with growing up but my taste and style has evolved with it but one things for sure - ZARA is speaking to me! I find myself checking their new in this week section every Monday along with my ritual of blogs that I check list (yes, it is that serious) and I have to say it's the only place I can easily bag 4+ items in less than 20 minutes, and it's making me broke.com - they must be doing something right.

On the highstreet, ZARA is definitely leading with the fastest turn over of products, new lines are added each week that are both exciting and on trend. You can literally see a trend emerge on the runway and in about two weeks a similar version will have hit the stores and have you swiping your card quicker than you can say, "this in a size 7 please".

What I like most about the brand is it's point of view, it's always consistent, stylish and polished -  the message is clear, not to mention good quality and I personally feel like they make desirable clothes that reflect the 2011 customer of today. The lookbooks always inspire, with a sense of luxury and high-end feel, shot by none other than photographer David Sims. The result is slick, modern and instantly recognizable.  The styling is just spot on and most importantly, it's very wearable. What they do best is translating the sophisticated ZARA man into everyday wardrobe, so it's no wonder that when they took it online it was the best thing since slice bread, at least to me - I was able to order products in my size particularly with shoes and the whole process is very easy and I appreciate the attention to detail with packaging that just adds to the whole ZARA experience - needless to say, I'm a fan! If you haven't already started shopping online it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the products in-store, know your stuff before you purchase because some products will NOT look how it does in the glossy pictures.

Before we discuss about this week's edit, let ZARA be your go-to store when transitioning between seasons; invest in key pieces of the season that give you a designer look but with a highstreet price tag. The footwear is always really strong and an investment coat will be a clever spend that'll last you all throughout winter. Just look at the accessories that have dropped this week, the colour palette indicates that real autumn is underway and it's personally my favourite time of year when it comes to trends; The olive colour doctor bag looks like it could have come straight from Burberry Prosum's SS12 show, the ethnic detail at the bottom is discreet and the straps make it look expensive, not to mention the coloured cufflinks, printed scarf, shopper and animal print plimsolls that are just perfect for updating a simple outfit just like the lookbook (top left). You can stay right up to date with this season's trends with the expensive looking Borg collar coat, classic Chelsea boots and fairisle knit jumper, not forgetting the tobacco feather trilby and tortoise shell aviators to finish off. If you still need some persuading, just look at some of the looks ZARA are serving up this A/W (top right), the first two looks are clean, polished and give a nod to mod (rhyme alert!) whilst the third is an updated version of the great outdoors trend from last autumn, clever layering is key but it's easy to achieve!

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