BEST DRESSED: Ryan Gosling


The talented Mr Gosling is fast becoming everybit of the Hollywood's new hearthrob, the "Blue Valentine" actor has been around for a while but has only attracted the much over due attention for his latest role in "Drive", an iconic film in the making that is turning the right heads.

Whilst making the rounds promoting movies, more and more pictures are surfacing on the web showcasing his many sartorial victories, my favourite are the off duty shots but here is someone that can do both very well - without a stylist seemingly, and I like that because you can tell it's all him and it's about owning what you wear. He is single handedly changing the game when it comes to dressing for movie premières, if I have to see another obligatory black tux on the red carpet I just might fall asleep from boredom, Ryan Gosling's choices are pleasantly unexpected, refreshing to see and current. My personal favourites are the blue tuxedo with satin lapel, how could you not take notice? Or the retro brown suit with penny loafers and retro shades, genius! He joins the new wave of young Holloywood that are 'bringing' it, like when Robert Pattinson broke the mould wearing a burgundy Gucci suit to the Twilight première - gone are the days when all you can see are a sea of penguins on the red carpet, Gosling is asking you to step up your game!

The essentials to getting to the look is to just invest in some classic pieces and that's all there really is to it, nothing ground breaking, the key is putting your unique twist on the modern classics. There are some items that Everyman should really own like the leather biker, vintage tee (has to have that real worn in look) that really does go with most things. The styling is always non fussy, there isn't too much accessories and everything is kept neat and polished, so the trick here is non-boring shoes, and accessories that add colour or a finishing touch and not to forgetting the retro sunglasses. Look at him, he doesn't even have to try, but there's one last thing you need to possess is swagger, and that's something that can't be taught...
Without a doubt, we are witnessing Ryan Gosling's rise and rise to the top, his style credentials will continue to cement him on best dressed list everywhere, he's definitely on our one's to watch list - We salute you!

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